Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

In this tutorial we will teach you how to easily enter your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini into Recovery Mode, regardless if you are a newbie or an advanced Android user. We can assure you that by reading this post, you will be ready to complete this procedure in a few minutes and you won’t be encountering any further issues if you correctly follow the given steps, without mixing or skipping them. Are you ready to find out more details?

First of all, you should know that a Custom Recovery Mode is an option or a menu on Android devices that run between the ROM and the bootloader. In these conditions, a recovery mode gives you the possibility to perform several actions which you can’t perform otherwise. Among them we can mention factory reset, wipe the cache partition of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini or apply any updates from the ADB.

And if your handset has installed a custom recovery image on it, then you can use it for installing a custom ROM, custom kernel or any other type of customization that you might be thinking of in order to improve your daily experience.

We know that all these sound indeed very tempting, but don’t forget that this simple guide on how to enter Recovery Mode depends on a few factors. Do not try it on any other device than this one and remember that gaining root access is required if you want to flash a custom recovery image like TWRP or CWM recovery, whichever suits you better. Once your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is rooted and has a custom recovery image installed on it, you can check for some custom ROMs that you can install on your handset, but otherwise, entering recovery mode can be performed on both rooted and locked handsets.

As we have told you, this guide will lead you on how to can we enter Recovery Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and this is exactly what we have here. Let’s start!

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini using Hardware Buttons:

To enter your Galaxy S5 Mini into “Recovery Mode” is not complicated at all, as all you need to do is to perform several button combinations and you will get there, unless you have broken one of hardware keys and this solution is impossible.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Power off your Galaxy S5 Mini handset and wait a few seconds until the device is fully switched off;
  2. Press and hold Volume Up, Home and Power buttons together and release them as soon as you see the Galaxy S5 Mini logo;
  3. This is the moment when your phone will boot into recovery mode;
  4. You have to use the Volume buttons to navigate between options and the Power button to select an option; moreover, In case the phone doesn’t boot recovery after completing this guide, then you must remove the battery of the smartphone, reinsert it and repeat this tutorial.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini using ADB:

ADB is a tool used to send terminal commands to your Galaxy S5 Mini handset via a PC command line. It is true that ADB requires a bit of setup, but this methid is much easier than using the hardware buttons, so don’t hesitate to use it you have to boot in recovery mode frequently.

Moreover, prepare your computer and make sure you already have proper drivers installed there for your device.

  1. Here you have the ADB Files that have to be downloaded;
  2. Extract the file (ADB files.zip) you downloaded from the link above to a separate folder on your computer
  3. Enable developer options: for that to happen, you have to go to your phone’s Settings » select About phone » Scroll to the bottom and tap on “Build number” seven times to enable developer options;
  4. Enable USB Debugging: in order to do so, you have to open phone’s Settings » select Developer options » Tick the “USB debugging” checkbox (which can be found under the Debugging section);
  5. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini to PC with the help of its original USB cable and tap OK on the pop-up screen that asks you to ‘Allow USB debugging?‘;
  6. Open the folder where you extracted the files and double-click/run the ‘Boot into Recovery Mode.bat‘ file to reboot the handset into recovery mode;
  7. If you already have ADB setup on your computer and you know how to use it, then you may just use the ‘adb reboot recovery’ command to boot into recovery mode.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Quick Boot (Reboot) APP:

This solution is also a simple one, but it only works if you have root access on your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – that is something that you should know from the start:

  1. Use this link in order to install the Quick Boot (Reboot) app on your Galaxy S5 Mini;
  2. Open the app and grant Root Access;
  3. Select ‘Recovery‘ from the list of options and it’ll boot your Samsung device into recovery mode.

That was pretty much it! If you followed the information presented in either of these tutorials, then you have successfully entered your handset into Recovery Mode. Enjoy and don’t forget to ask for our help in case of needing it! We are here to help you, be sure of that!




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2 Responses

  1. Mothiur Rahman says:

    SOLUTION – HARD RESET on Android Kitkat S5 mini doesn’t work – SOLVED!

    Spent the day browsing online to find out why S5 Mini’s hard reset isn’t working. Three different HARD RESET methods were tried, yet none of them worked.

    Even charged the non-starting phone for several hours with only blank screen showing. Finally charged the battery on a different phone (as I didn’t have an extra battery lying around), yet charged for 5 minutes and then reinserted into S5 mini and used the Volume Up + Home button and the Power key hard reset method. Start-up screen with Samsung logo instantly showed up!

    If any of the ‘Hard reset doesn’t work’ Threads in any of the numerous Forums had mentioned about trying a differen’t charged battery OR current battery will NOT charge whilst phone is dead, then I would have avoided wasting so much time and avoided considering the worst and returning to shop for repair. Saved money through perseverance and most importantly having faith.

  2. Simon Osborn says:

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900F, the fingerprint scanner is for someone else’s credentials and I don’t have the login password etc. ADB is not an option as I cannot boot the phone to enable debugging mode. I have tried all methods of booting into recovery including Vol Up + Home + Power, this does not work.

    Are there any others methods of booting other than these three? Have you heard about the usb jig? Would this work in my scenario?

    Please help! :)


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