One Plus One Stock / Default Wallpapers for your Android Device

One Plus One has previously captured our attention as long as it can offer us a powerful endurance and high-end specs, but there is something else that you should know about it. As some of you have probably heard, this One Plus One device comes with no less than 21 wallpapers which are of HD quality, so there is no surprise that they have been simply called stunning. Would you like to have the chance to enjoy these One Plus One Stock / Default Wallpapers on your current Android Device? Everything is possible and this is no exception!

Some wallpapers have a resolution of resolution 2160 x 1920 pixels and we know that these ones are the most tempting, but other have a decent resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and trust us, they don’t look at all bad either.

And although some of you might prefer live wallpapers, we are definitely not in the same category of preferences as long as they consume lot of battery, so we are glad to see that these are static wallpapers.

Are you curious to see and use them, but buying a new One Plus One is not an option? We have the perfect solution for you, so don’t hesitate to follow the given tutorial and prepare your PC and the original USB cable of your phone.

Yes, we are talking about any other Android device you might currently have, so good luck and enjoy:

How to Install One Plus One Stock / Default Wallpapers on your Android Device:

  1. Download the One Plus One Wallpapers zip file on your PC (in order to do so, you can directly use this link);
  2. After the download is complete, unzip the file to the “Wallpapers” folder that can be found on your PC;
  3. Connect your device to the computer by using the original USB cable, as we have previously told you;
  4. Then, place the downloaded “Wallpapers” folder in your handset in case of not already having such an “Wallpapers” folder;
  5. Disconnect the device from your PC and then to navigate to the path where you placed “Wallpapers”;
  6. Just use the “ES File Explorer” to set the One Plus One Stock / Default Wallpapers in your Android Device and that was all.

We think that this procedure is not at all a complicated one, but in any case, if something bad happens, just ask for our help. You can use the contact form or the comments section from below and we’ll answer you as soon as possible.

Or you can simply use it for sharing your thoughts with us! Many other people are still out there wondering if they should install this One Plus One Stock / Default wallpapers on their Android Device. Wouldn’t it be great to help them?

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