Learn to Use Picture in Picture in Android Oreo

For those of you who don’t know, Picture-In-Picture is a new native Android O feature that you might want and need to use. Manufacturers such as Samsung already included this functionality in the past and even though not a very large number of apps support PiP, it’s still a promising start.

Well, the usage of the feature relates to video playback, but it can have other applications as well. And as you see, things are different now, with Android Oreo 8.0, the latest and the safest version of Android which was launched by Google last month. Unfortunately, the only devices to get the Android Oreo update as of now are the ones from Google Pixel and the Nexus lineup and it might take at least a few more months for the update to reach the other Android devices out there.

However, thanks to the open source awesomeness of Android and the hard work of Android developers, even though you do not have Android Oreo installed on your phone, you can get access to some of its features right away and you need to learn to use Picture in Picture in Android Oreo.

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If you are watching a video, don’t hesitate to tap the home button and the video will shrink down to a small window as you return to the home screen. From there, feel free to continue to watch and listen while going into any other app and doing other things, even moving the window around if you want.

In fact, we can only get it to work on a Pixel from the Chrome browser, so find a video within Chrome and hit play. Make sure it’s full screen and then, just press the Home button. Do you see how simple it can be?

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