Smartly Customize LG G4 On-screen Buttons

The new LG G4 has plenty to offer, but as it always happens, many users want to change certain settings and functions. What about the on-screen keys? Are they fully customizable or are you stuck with what the company has prepared for you?

LG’s G4 comes with the usual three buttons on the bottom of the screen – I am talking about none other than the Back, Home, and the Multi-tasking Recent apps button, from left to right.

Things might get confusing, especially if you have previously used a Samsung Galaxy smartphone where the back button is placed on the right side instead. The best part is that the on-screen buttons on the LG G4 are customizable and it is only up to you to change the order as you might want it or even to add an extra button.

Learn how to Customize LG’s G4 On-screen Buttons:

  1. For the start, you have to enter into Settings, so open the application tray and find the settings icon;
  2. Go to the “Display” column;
  3. Tap the Home touch buttons option;
  4. From here you’ll see different options which let you edit the navigation keys or buttons;
  5. The first option is “button combination”, so do not hesitate to tap it;
  6. You must follow all the on-screen instructions;
  7. You can also press and drag any icon you might want from the list up to the sample picture of the phone in order to added a new button to the ones already there; for example, feel free to add a dedicated dual-screen button to take full advantage of the device’s generous 5.5 inches display and keep in mind that even if add two special function buttons to your nav bar, you cannot remove the three Home, Back, or Multi-tasking Recent apps regular buttons;
  8. Drag the Back button to the right, if you have owned a Samsung device and you loved using it;
  9. Don’t forget to let the circle (Home button) in the middle, and there’s even a downward facing arrow that pulls down the notification bar;
  10. You can also change the color of your nav bar; I am referring to a switch between a black bar with white buttons or another one which is white but with black buttons;
  11. There is no “done” or “accept” option in order to apply the changes, but you just have to tap the home button and that is all.

Be sure that the navigation bar will reflect your changes immediately! Speaking of customizing buttons, more guides can be found on AndroidFlagship such as:

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Learn How to Customize On-Screen Buttons on LG G3 with the help of this tutorial and more. The How to section waits to be discovered, so keep on reading.

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