Galaxy’s S8+Front-Facing Selfie Cam is Worthy of your Attention

The new Samsung Galaxy S8+ is without a doubt the most polished phone I’ve ever held in my life and there is no buyer’s remorse haunting me. The S8+ is a sizeable improvement over the S7 in almost every area, but the camera has received the fewest upgrades and I know that this worried some of the buyers. It is true that it actually lacks a dual-sensor system here, there is no wide-angle lens or variable aperture, but you can find instead a single 12-megapixel sensor behind a wide f/1.7 lens that uses the same Dual Pixel tech found in the previous Galaxy S7 model.

The Samsung Galaxy S8+ doesn’t only have a 12-megapixel camera, but also an 8-megapixel front-facing selfie cam worthy of your attention.

If there are no major changes regarding the main sensor, things are quite different for the front camera on the Galaxy S8+ which did receive a huge hardware upgrade. The S8 features an 8MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture, with the most important feature being its autofocus capabilities. This is actually the very first Samsung device that features proper autofocus on the front, which should give you the best selfies ever.

That is why I make no mistake into saying that taking better and clearer selfies is easy when using the 8MP front facing camera on your S8+ phone, not to mention all the built-in filters!

How to take Selfies:

  1. Make sure you have good lighting and the right background;
  2. Navigate to Apps > Camera;
  3. To take a selfie using the front camera, you must simply swipe up or down;
  4. For more options and effects, just touch Mask or Beauty;
  5. If you also want to experiment some filters, swipe to the left;
  6. Touch Capture once you have set your filters and camera options;
  7. Then, you are free to enjoy your selfie or share it with the world.

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