Install Amplify Battery Extender on Android

There is something that many of you cannot control. You love your Android phone especially thanks to the fact that the device seems to be able to give you all: I am talking about social networking, gaming, video and music, voice navigation, messages and infinite calls, so what could you say about the battery life?

There is no mystery that your Android device needs to be recharged nightly. But if you find that your Android phone is dying long before reaching to the end of the day, you may want to take a look at what’s draining its battery. Don’t you know where to start from? You don’t have to be alone into this, but you can receive some help.

There are some amazing apps to save battery smartly so that battery runs longer than usual and increase battery life, but don’t you imagine that all of them can do what they promise. You have to do some digging and keep trying on until you find something that meets most of your needs and Amplify Battery Extender can be exactly what you are looking for.

Every time an app like Facebook or SnapChat sends you a notification, your Android device is simply awakened and you don’t even know what this means. When your phone is awakened repeatedly, it just wastes your battery for nothing. Amplify puts a stop to that, allowing you to block wake locks or apps that wake your phone up constantly. You can also monitor alarms and other services that might be draining your battery.

Even more, I have to tell you about a very beautiful design, inspired by the Material Design principles that we all love. And don’t forget that a new Pro package is available as well, a package that lets you control any alarm, customize the alarms as you want them to be, as well as wakelocks on your device. The In-App purchases allow you to unlock the Pro package, so the choice is yours.

Amplify Battery Extender can be downloaded from this Google Play link, so what are you waiting for? Have fun!

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