Try Out the Ecosia Browser on your Android device

When you’re browsing the internet on your Android phone, you have to choose between your phone manufacturer’s default browser or Chrome. You may like one of them, but there’s a wealth of other Android browsers out there, including some with surprising features. I strongly believe that web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device.

Having the right features while browsing the web could change your entire experience. A good browser can make all the difference between a successful search session and a total fail. Unless you have browser apps for Android that are developed for the modern user in mind, you might feel as if you are not getting the most of your device. Don’t you want to change that?

I obviously have a suggestion for you today. I am talking about Ecosia. This is an environmentally friendly mobile web browser. Your smartphone or tablet will surely thank you if you install a multifunctional and environmentally friendly mobile web browser, so keep on reading to find out more about it.

The tree-planting browser that waits for you

Ecosia features all of the usual stuff like bookmarks, multiple tabs, a private browsing mode, as well asdownloads. It pulls from Chromium’s open source project. Therefore, it looks and feels a bit like Chrome as well. So, what makes it so special?

Ecosia is the tree-planting browser. The developers use the money made from searches to fund reforestation programs and empower communities around the world. The browser literally donates up to 80% of its profits to plant trees.

That isn’t a browser feature, but it’s definitely nice to know that you are doing something about one of the biggest problems of the modern world, don’t you think? And even so, the Ecosia Browser is fast and secure. It gives you an intuitive browsing experience with everything you need. And if forests need protecting, so does your privacy. Ecosia never saves your searches, doesn’t track the websites you visit, it doesn’t sell your data to advertisers and your searches are always SSL-encrypted.

Even more, it’s also free. The Ecosia Browser can be now downloaded, so don’t postpone it.

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