Discover New YouTube Incognito Mode in Android app

Surfing the net is becoming a pretty unsafe thing to do these days. I am not being paranoid or anything, but the idea is that every click is monitored and every video browsed gets logged in YouTube’s watch history. This is how the app that you love keeps feeding you the best recommendations, yet do you always like this position? YouTube already has a dedicated feature that blocks the app from storing any kind of watch and search history for as long as you wish.

You can find this feature under Settings > History & privacy. All you must do is to toggle the “Pause watch history” and/or “Pause search history” on and YouTube cannot record your history until you turn them off again. However, this isn’t quite a straightforward process and YouTube intends to make things a lot easier with the new Incognito mode.

The incognito mode that YouTube has been testing since May is finally rolling out to its Android users. Well, as the name suggests is similar to that of the Google Chrome browser, so the videos which a user watches when they have gone incognito will never be saved and will never have any affect over their future suggestion.

So, this mode for YouTube doesn’t log what you watch, keeping your history crystal clear and clean. However, you can only access the Home feeds and Trending feed when the Incognito mode is switched on, yet this doesn’t sound like an issue to me. How to find it? The “Turn on incognito” option is now available on YouTube for Android, after the latest update.

To access the feature, all you have to do is to tap on your avatar to see the new “Turn on Incognito” option (replacing the Sign Out button that you were used to). If you choose to switch it on, you’ll get a prompt reminding you that your employer and ISP will see your activities. Also remember that the feature will also automatically turn off after a certain period of inactivity, just as incognito mode gets deactivated automatically every time when you exit YouTube. So when you use YouTube next time, keep in mind that you’re no longer invisible.

When a user has switched off the incognito mode, then YouTube will return automatically to the account which was last used. Just download the latest version of YouTube from Google Play and enjoy incognito mode.

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