Customize Gaming Mode on OnePlus 7 Pro

Before jumping to any sort of procedure on your OnePlus 7 Pro, it’s essential to understand how big of an impact the display has on the overall gaming experience. While OnePlus has never really focused on creating a gaming device, I could say something else. Speed and performance have always been their main concerns. The OnePlus 7 Pro aids the overall gaming experience with a beautiful 1440p 90Hz AMOLED display, so you have no reason to be worried about.

Even if most games can’t utilize the 90Hz display yet, be sure that 1440p gaming on a device that can handle it is blissful. And besides that, the lack of a notch is very noticeable in full-screen applications, such as even just watching YouTube. Couple that with UFS 3.0 and you will get incredibly fast loading speeds to boot.

When you are in the middle of an intense gaming session, the last thing you should get is display issues. Some complain about the display suddenly dimming or being interrupted by a flood of notifications. That’s where gaming mode steps in. This brings the ability to route calls directly to the loudspeaker, block notifications, disable notifications for third-party apps, disable automatic brightness, as well as enhancing haptic feedback for supported games.

You’ll need to activate Gaming Mode to turn on Fnatic Mode. What can Fnatic Mode do for you? Well, it basically enables an advanced do not disturb option, a process regulator to provide all device resources to the game that you’re playing and it prioritizes the primary SIM card’s signal. The second SIM card will be entirely disabled while Fnatic mode is activated.

So, if Gaming Mode isn’t enough for your needs, Fnatic Mode will ensure that you get the absolute best gaming experience possible. The choice is all yours.

Detailed procedure on How to Customize Gaming Mode:

  1. First of all, you need to enter into your phone’s Settings;
  2. Select Utilities;
  3. Then, it’s time to tap on Gaming Mode;
  4. Toggle the appropriate options right away and you’ll see the difference.

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