How to Use Live Focus on your Galaxy S9 Plus Smartphone

From the first look at Samsung’s most recent handsets, everyone noticed that the Galaxy S9 Plus has an extra camera on the back. While having additional hardware is an advantage, it’s what that second camera enables matters. Well, I am talking about Portrait Mode, or better said, how Samsung calls it – Live Focus.

Given the performance edge and dual cameras on the Galaxy S9 Plus handset, I have no doubt about the fact that this model is the best out of Samsung’s two latest phones. Getting a shot of a subject that’s perfectly in focus and manages to pop up is a complicated task for smartphones as their camera sensors are so tiny that most image settings usually result in either a perfectly focused shot or a perfectly unfocused one. This is no longer a worrying subject on your Galaxy S9 Plus.

The Live Focus mode on the dual-lens S9 Plus doesn’t just blur the background of your photos. It also gives you the opportunity to capture images with both cameras at once, and decide which one to keep later. This sounds great, I know it, but you must know something else too: I must warn you from the start that the Galaxy S9 Plus Live Focus will fill up your phone’s storage twice as fast.

This might not sound such a big of a deal right now, yet in time it will be, so you should better choose carefully.

How to Use Live Focus on your Galaxy S9 Plus Smartphone:

  1. To begin the procedure, you have to open the camera app;
  2. Swipe across the screen to select the Live Focus mode;
  3. After that, you need to tap the two overlapping rectangles at the bottom to turn Dual Capture on;
  4. The wide angle image takes in twice the field of view but objects seem farther away while the telephoto shows an object close-up, twice as big;
  5. Now, you can shoot away with your Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone and enjoy the result.

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