Video Slow Pro Player: Get similar Galaxy S9 Super slow-mo on your Android

Samsung wants the best for its Galaxy S9 users, so surprises rise from nowhere. What the company created is nothing else than a dedicated super slow-mo mode that uses wither a button screen press or a motion tracking area in order to detect extreme motion changes in the frame to record the 0.2-second frame burst. Even more, the Samsung ISOCELL Fast 2L3 image sensor that makes the magic happen seems to be now mass produced (after all, you probably heard that Samsung’s ISOCELL Fast 2L3 image sensor is the one that supports 960 frames per second super slow-motion recording).

The Galaxy S9 model is the first one to feature this new sensor which will also be sold to other device manufacturers this year. I bet that this is also one of your dreams and even if rumor has it that Samsung’s ISOCELL Fast 2L3 image sensor is likely aimed at Chinese smartphone vendors, this might take time and patience that you seem to lack these days.

Am I making a mistake by saying that? Correct me if I am wrong, but you want a similar Galaxy S9 super slow-motion feature on your own Android right now. Video Slow Pro Player might be the answer to your request.

This is presented as the only video player with feature to save in slow fast and reverse motion and even if it isn’t actually the only one, it’s definitely one of the best options out there. Video Slow Pro Player lets its users to create both slow-motion and fast motion videos and besides that, it also supports reverse motion feature, using which can view slow-motion videos being played in reverse.

So, it sounds even better than what you get on a Galaxy S9, don’t you think? The Players UI is user friendly and no one can encounter any problems while using the controls. Even more, with Video Slow Reverse Player you can save slow-motion videos and share them on social media.

To create slow-motion video, all you have to do is to click on the minus sign icon on the extreme left of the bottom menu where all the controls appear. You also have the option to convert a video to GIF format and then, the app shows all your videos in a nice way with the new video listing.

Take Video Slow Reverse Player on your Android. I am sure that you will love it, yet even if the app is free, those advertisements will drive you mad unless you decide to become a Pro member. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you about that!

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