How to Enjoy Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper on your Galaxy S10E

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones are here available for all of us, and they come with those gorgeous Infinity-O hole-punch displays where the selfie camera pierces through the screen. Everyone talks about the hole-punch display or the laser-cut pinhole camera, but were these decisions the most inspired ones? The iPhone X notch is definitely a compromise meant to deliver the user two things that aren’t available on any other phone, a 3D facial recognition system and an edge-to-edge display made possible thanks to this subtle Apple innovation.

Android device makers, including the biggest ones, do not have the resources to replicate the iPhone X design perfectly. Their notches do not have 3D cameras. And their all-screen displays cannot extend from corner to corner like Apple’s. Samsung is pretty close with its latest S10, S10 Plus and your S10E, but it isn’t there yet.

So, I am not alone when it comes to liking the iPhone X’s notch. And I am definitely making no mistake either when I say that the Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper might make your day brighter.

The notch wasn’t as widely embraced by the enthusiast community as the Galaxy S10 Camera hole. You have plenty of wallpapers that are constantly being created to hide or highlight the camera hole. Now there’s another way to make the most of the camera hole. With Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper, you can use the notch as a battery bar.

How to Enjoy Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live wallpaper:

  1. This is the paid version: Notch & S10 Battery bar – Live Wallpaper;
  2. If you are still undecided, go for the trial app for the actual paid version instead: Notch & S10 Battery bar trial – Live Wallpaper;
  3. After a successful installation, open the app;
  4. Preview the wallpaper;
  5. If everything’s perfect, then click Set Wallpaper on your device;
  6. Select the option where (home screen or lock screen) you want to apply;
  7. Now, the battery status will show around your notch.

And we already know what the Korean manufacturer intends for the future. Samsung probably isn’t the only phone maker trying to eliminate notches and hole punches. Apple has brainstormed new smartphone designs, as its patent for a phone with a wraparound display reveals. And that’s just the start of it.

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