Play PC & Console Games on your Android with Vortex Cloud Gaming

Who says that you need d a high-end PC or console to play the most recent PC games? Our smartphones are pretty capable devices these days, even when we are talking about graphics-intensive tasks such as gaming, so think twice. Cloud gaming becomes more and more popular and I know why this is happening: it is very much like cloud storage where instead of being installed on your smartphone, or even your PC or console, the games are installed on a server elsewhere.

The processing happens on the server and you simply get a live video feed on your smartphone and if you like the idea, then let me show you how convenient is to play PC and console games on your Android with Vortex Cloud Gaming. As I have told you, all games are installed on those powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX servers, so there’s no need for downloading or updating anything.

Like that, you don’t have to waste time downloading or updating games, but all you have to do is to press ‘Play game’ and like that, you will get your very own cloud gaming machine in no more than a few seconds! The game is streamed straight to your Android device and mouse, keyboard, and controller input are all sent from your handset to the game on cloud PC.

It doesn’t really matter what hardware you have – thanks to Vortex streaming technology, you have the chance to enjoy beautiful visuals in every game streamed with up to 60 FPS. And I am sure of the fact that the access to over 100 games, with popular names like Fortnite, GTA V, Tomb Raider included and with monthly updates is a major advantage too, since we all look for diversity. However, you should be aware of the fact that remotely gaming on a server far away means that a fast internet connection is a must for enjoy uninterrupted gaming. I hope that this isn’t a problem for you!

You can grab Vortex Cloud Gaming from Google Play right now if you want to enjoy high-end PC graphics without having to buy a powerful, therefore probably expensive gaming PC. And even if the app is still in Beta, no major bugs have been reported so far.

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