Download and Install Nokia X launcher on any Android Device

Now that Nokia has introduced its first line from Android’s world and we all know that the company has equipped them with its own Nokia marketplace instead of the usual Google Play. If you’re curious what how this new Nokia Store is or if you plan picking up your own Nokia X, Nokia X+, or Nokia XL, and you want to know what the Nokia Store has to offer, we have great news for you. We must tell you from the start that you can download and install it on your own Android smartphone as long as the Nokia X Store APK has already been made freely available thanks to XDA-Developers.

Despite of the fact that this new Nokia X features a heavily customized Android operating system, we must warn you that Nokia Store doesn’t offer much that you cannot already found on Google Play, excepting Nokia’s own apps among we can mention HERE Maps and Mix Radio.

As for the UI on Nokia X, you should know that it is inspired from Windows Phone, but this shouldn’t be such a surprise. We all know that Microsoft that the Finnish firm was acquired by Microsoft for $7.2 billion dollars not so long ago and that’s the best explanation for this similarity that we have told you about. Are you ready to discover Nokia’s very own flavor of Android? We agree with you, but not before reviewing the risks and reading the preparatory steps:

Review the risks:


  • This Nokia X Launcher for Android that we are talking about has been created by an XDA developer named ‘opssemnik’, but despite of the fact that all credit goes to him, you also need to take in consideration the fact that there may be some stability issues on certain Android devices. We must tell you though that it appears to be working well for the majority of users who have already tried it as long as these issues are just small ones, but we cannot guarantee that other ones won’t appear next;


  • Don’t forget about doing a Nandroid Backup from CWM recovery first. In case something goes wrong and the handset doesn’t boot or doesn’t work properly after booting up, you can simply restore the backup from recovery and the problem is solved;


  • We have told you that you can download and install Nokia X launcher on any Android device and that’s the truth, but it is recommended to have a recent version in order to enjoy the Nokia X launcher as expected. As more recent it is, as better the Nokia X launcher works and that’s something that you probably have in mind in the first place.

Preparatory steps

  • If you want to flash the Nokia X Launcher on your Android handset, then you should know that this is impossible without having a custom Recovery installed on it; it is up to you to choose between ClockworkMod or TWRP;
  • Verify if side-loading of apps is enabled on your device. In order to do so, go to Settings > Security and check the ‘Unknown sources box’ for enabling side-loading of apps; only like that this tutorial has any chance to work properly;
  • You need a personal computer/notebook and prepare the original USB cord to establish the connection between the computer and your device.

Download the NOKIA X LAUNCHER ZIP FILE from here and transfer it to a separate folder on your Android device by connecting it to the computer; be sure that you remember the location, no matter what you have choose (the internal or external SD card) and do not unzip the file yet.

How to and Install Nokia X launcher on any Android Device (tutorial available for both CWM and TWRP recoveries)

  1. Start by booting the phone in CWM/ TWRP custom Recovery Mode;
  2. Create a NANDROID Backup for the installed ROM by selecting ‘backup and restore’; then, you must name the file and confirm your action. This step is recommended so that your data could be safe in case the new ROM doesn’t boot in normal mode after installation;
  3. Flash the Nokia X Launcher by using the ‘Install option’;
  4. After the installation is complete you can return to the main screen and reboot the handset in normal mode;
  5. After it is restarted and it boots in normal mode you must go to ‘Launcher Selection menu’ and set Nokia X Launcher as default.

You have succeeded, so it’s time to start testing the new launcher and do just as Nokia has initially planned. There is no doubt that the main purpose of this Nokia’s forked version of Android is to serve as a gateway to Windows Phone and who knows, maybe the company has a chance to accomplish such a thing if more of you are interested on giving it a try.

In case you have any other questions regarding this new launcher, don’t hesitate to use the comments field below; and make sure to check out our How to gallery to explore more tutorials.

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