Solve Note 8 Wireless Charging Problems

There is no secret that Galaxy Note 8 features wireless charging. Allowing owners to drop it on a pad, plug in nothing, and charge it, this comes as an advantage over other potential models. The phone is also the first to support the new “fast wireless charging” standard. I know that it’s a fancy feature, but still doesn’t charge as fast as a wired connection like what comes in the box.

Anyone else noticed any sort of issues with wireless charging? I don’t know about you, but the truth is that I did notice that occasionally the phone would flash that wireless charging had paused but then it would resume immediately after.

My advice is to take your time, and follow the directions closely. And no, don’t worry that this could affect your warranty or that your Note 8 needs root. In fact, charging problems are among the most common power-related issues reported by smartphone users all over the world, so waste no more time.

How to Solve Note 8 Wireless Charging Problems:

  1. Don’t use a case, as that puts a gap between the wireless conductive charging, and could cause wireless charging to be slow, or randomly stop every 10-12 minutes or so;
  2. The reason why manufacturers always include chargers and cables in the box together with the main unit is because these things are designed to work flawlessly with it. A wireless charger is an investition, but be careful. The truth is that there are also plenty of 3rd party wireless chargers on eBay or Amazon, or ones that claim to be fast wireless chargers, but the truth his that don’t work for more than a few minutes at a time. You should also take in consideration the certified Samsung Quick Charger and you will avoid such issues;
  3. There are times when the phone just becomes unresponsive for some reason and won’t charge no matter what you do. Rebooting it may address the issue immediately but aside from that, it is also one way to find out if the system crashed. If it did, then the phone won’t respond if you hold the Power key. So, in this case, you need to force restart your device by pressing and holding the Volume Down button and the Power key for 10 seconds. Assuming that the handset still has enough battery left, it should reboot as the procedure is hardwired;
  4. I also think that it’s useless to continue troubleshooting a brand new Galaxy Note 8 that won’t charge out of the box. Request a replacement is this happens even when you use the company’s Quick Charger as this is your right.

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  1. Steve Squared says:

    You wasted bandwidth telling the myriads of people they’re either crazy or too stupid to know how to use a wireless charger (ie “follow the directions closely”). Really?

    There’s clearly an issue. People are neither crazy nor stupid. Most have used wireless chargers very successfully in the past with the previous Galaxy generations and the Note 8 wireless charging is a bug riddled mess.

    You’d be better to stop being a fanboy, or worse, taking hush money to pin this on users and demand Samsung own up and provide a fix. Must be a hardware issue, because if it were software / firmware the costs wouldn’t be astronomic and they’d just release a patch.

    Shameful article, shameless writer. Ever hear of Neville Chamberlain?

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