Take Xiaomi Poco Launcher on your Android Device

Xiaomi just launched the Poco F1 and the device has achieved much success so far, being the most affordable device currently running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset. Besides that, the Poco F1 smartphone does not run on MIUI or stock Android, but a customized version of MIUI. Xiaomi calls this MIUI for Poco and has quite a few changes that users talk about for days.

One of them is precisely the fact that the Poco Launcher has an app drawer, unlike the MIUI launcher. The addition of an app drawer means that the Poco Launcher looks sleeker and it is less bloated than its MIUI counterpart and even if you don’t own this handset, I bet that you like such an idea. Am I right or not?

If so, chances are you have been wondering how to get a feel of this Xiaomi device without actually holding it. Well, Xiaomi has decided to make Poco Launcher available for every Android device. This new launcher is available on the Google Play Store, so there is nothing stopping you from experiencing Xiaomi’s new Poco Launcher too.

It provides fast and smooth performance, it has such a clean look and a quick app drawer, support for Android icon packs, hence ability to change icons, along with options to group apps by color or to set apps in alphabetical order. So, if you are a lover of the way Xiaomi phones look, or particularly the way the Poco F1 looks, this launcher is what you have been looking for.

However, you should better be careful about something. It seems that some apps aren’t precisely getting along well with this launcher and you might not like the sound of it, but the truth is that it lacks support for Widevine L1, HD playback in Netflix and DRM Info.

If you OK with these issues, then take Xiaomi Poco Launcher on your Android Device launcher by downloading it from Google’s Play store.

As you can see, the Poco Launcher is in a closed beta, so it might not support your device yet. Don’t be disappointed about that because If you want another way of getting it, there’s always APK. If you are scared of the idea of a third-party source, I can assure that APKMirror is a trusted website for millions of users that does no harm, so POCO Launcher beta is waiting for you.

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