Why Should I Use CyanogenMod?

Are you tired of the usual OEM versions of Android? And the story is the same one for the latest OEM Android updates which comes with bloatware and make your device clunky? You probably know that there is a solution for all of these, one which will also offer you plenty of other advantages that you haven’t even though about. We are talking about CyanogenMod which can give you full control of the Android system for the best experience possible. But why should you be taking this effort to install a ROM on your handset that ends up voiding its warranty?

Here we have a list with the main aspects that you should take in consideration before taking this decision and we can assure you that after reading all these details, things will be much clear:

Why should I use CyanogenMod

Why should I use CyanogenMod


Why should I use CyanogenMod:

  1. The most recent version of Android OS – CyanogenMod gives you the possibility to use the latest version of Android OS soon after it has been pushed by Google. So, it is just a matter of hours ( and sometimes a few days, but never longer )until the CyanogenMod team merges the sources ( by using their CM branch ) in order to release the build. So, you won’t have to wait weeks or even months for your carrier or OEM to roll-out that update for your device.
  2.  The PIE mode – This PIE mode is exactly the same one that the Paranoid Android ROM implements. If you have a device with on-screen navigation buttons, PIE mode lets you hide them, offering you new on-screen buttons when you swipe from the edge of the screen.
  3. An interesting music player – This music player that we have told you about is named Apollo and comes as an interactive feature which lets all its users to skip tracks even when the phone is locked or to choose a song as a ringtone, even if the file is not in the Android’s ringtone folder.
  4. A special incognito mode – What do you think about a special incognito mode that can be activated whenever you might think about keeping unrecorded your browsing history? We see that as the best way to keep your privacy if any other person has access to the same device that you are using.
  5. Similarities to Android holo-theme – If you are afraid of the CyanogenMod’s look, then you probably don’t know that it actually looks just like the Vanilla Android 4.0 or 4.1 versions that run on the Galaxy Nexus. Everything is simple and some of some its applications ( such as Boid for Twitter ) can actually adapt to the system theme. And CyanogenMod can be customized just as you want, so feel free to choose from the themes which are now available on the Android market.
  6. An improved performance – CyanogenMod will make your device faster than before and although that might not be so visible in benchmarks, the real life usage will convince you. That’s exactly why we recommend CyanogenMod to especially to those who own a mid-range Android device which needs a boost in its performance.
  7. ClockworkMod Recovery – CyanogenMod comes a recovery image in a special boot mode ( ClockworkMod Recovery ) which can be used to backup or to restore the device’s storage and repair or upgrade the system software. And it can easily be installed onto various rooted devices supported by CyanogenMod with Dutta’s companion app ( ROM Manager ).
  8. A pure Android experience – CyanogenMod’s purpose is to offer us a pure Android experience with no bloatware or any sort of UI customizations that so many manufactures prefer for their devices. The responsiveness and the battery life will increase significantly and you’ll enjoy Android how it was initially meant to.
  9. High compatibility – If you are curious about the compatibility of your device with CyanogenMod, we can tell you that it doesn’t matter if your handset is high-end or not. The latest info point that CyanogenMod has over 5 million active users all over the world and offers support for more than 70 different devices, including manufacturers such as HTC, Amazon, Asus, Sony, Acer, Advent, Barnes & Noble, Google, Huawei, GeeksPhone, LG, OPPO, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, ViewSonic, ZTE, or Motorola. So, there are pretty big chances to find tour device in this list as well.
  10. Is available for free – Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik, none other than the developer of CyanogenMod had the idea of letting anyone to install CyanogenMod and use it how they wish and as long as they wish without paying for it. So yes, it is for free, but be careful if you want to install CyanogenMod.

We know that there are so many advantages that you are eager to experience, but just as our source confirms, don’t forget about the few things that could go wrong, letting you with a bricked device. So, we strongly suggest that you have to be cautious and inform properly about its installation before taking any action that you might end up regretting.

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