Discover YouTube and its New Explore Tab

YouTube has become notorious for changing its app and website all the time and constantly testing new features. So, have you heard that YouTube is experimenting with a new Explore feature that will help us find new channels and videos on the platform while browsing on mobile? YouTube is clear from the start that this is a test feature that will affect a small number of users, yet maybe you’ll be one of them too.

It is a matter of luck and nothing more than that since YouTube’s test groups are purely random and there’s no way to sign-up to be included. However, rumor has it that this feature may see a public roll out this fall for the Android platform, so I bet that you are curious to discover YouTube and its New Explore Tab as soon as possible. In its attempt to be more transparent, YouTube announced via a tweet this new Explore tab.

How does it work? Instead of offering up a list of videos catered specifically to your viewing habits, Explore helps you enjoy more by letting you choose between a variety of topics and channels. YouTube still takes your habits into account when populating the tab, but you should see more options in Explore than you would otherwise.

In other words, Explore is there to provide more types of content and more creators without making it more difficult to find content we’re normally used to seeing. This is in contrast to the Home tab, which tends to feature recommended videos from channels that a user is regularly watching, yet you know better than anyone which option is ideal for you.

Despite of the fact that the Explore tab replaces Trending on the menu bar at the bottom of the app, the Trending section is still there, within the app. So, don’t worry as this doesn’t take the Trending’s tab place, but will work alongside it. However, no one can tell you if YouTube plans on replacing Trending altogether in a future update, but be sure that I will keep an eye on things and return with fresh info on that matter.

And since the test has started rolling out for a few days, it will definitely be live for at least the next few weeks.

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