Monitor Network Speed on your Galaxy S9 Plus

Are you getting all the network bandwidth you’re paying for? Trying to find out that isn’t so hard, yet there is no guarantee that you will like the result. Do you want to know the truth on your Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone? Network Speed – Monitoring – Speed Meter can be the help that you are looking for, especially if your webpages are already loading slowly (or maybe you are just imagining things and you need such an app to show you that there is no problem).

What can you get? The Galaxy S9 Plus handset that you own is advertised as being close to perfection, but a wakeup call is sometimes a must. There is no such a device on the market and problems do occur from time to time. Wouldn’t it be better to be informed about them? Long story short, with Network Speed – Monitoring – Speed Meter you get detailed daily data usage statistics, daily traffic usage, data usage alert, it monitors your traffic data for the last 30 days and much more.

To be more precise, the app in cause lets you monitor real-time network speeds right from your Galaxy S9 Plus status bar, or the notification shade. The persistent notification also reveals the daily Mobile and WiFi network usage, as well as the name of the current network. At the same time, on the homepage, you can tap on one of the four cards to monitor your data usage by Today’s Usage, Monthly Usage, Mobile Usage, as well as WiFi Usage.

As for the Detailed info option on the side menu drawer, this is the one that takes you to the Today’s Usage page. What about App statistics? This is the area where you can monitor the network usage by every individual app installed on your phone and I am sure that the number is far from a small one.

Download the Network Speed – Monitoring – Speed Meter app from the Play Store, and install it on your S9 with no hesitation. You already know what it can do for you and network speed will become a priority sooner or later.

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