Deal with WhatsApp Limiting Message Forwarding

As you might have heard, WhatsApp has been having some serious issues in India as the platform was used for forwarding rumors and false information (mostly messages about child abductions that were sent through WhatsApp). All these false social media messages triggered a series of violent incidents in India, so don’t be surprised to see that the popular messaging service is now taking some measures to put these scenarios into the past.

WhatsApp immediately published advertisements in local newspapers to handle the spread of misinformation on the platform and has proposed using machine learning techniques to identify malicious content. Besides these actions, it revealed its intentions to test a lower limit of chats in the country and remove the quick forward button next to media messages.

Therefore, there will be a limit of five chats at once within the app in India. Globally, the limit will be of 20 chats, so how to deal with WhatsApp limiting message forwarding? The test can appear for any WhatsApp user and if this affects you, there’s no magical trick to bring things back to normal.

I know how this might sound, but this isn’t the end of the world. In fact, such changes might be inconvenient at first, but they make sure that WhatsApp remains what it should be in the first place – a private messaging app and not one used for spreading false messages.

What I really dislike is that the company is also removing the Quick forward button that is placed next to multimedia messages to make it easier for users to share photos and videos faster. Like it or not, Indians forward more messages, photos and videos than any other country in the world, so India is its biggest market in the world. If you really can’t accept all these, then you can try out Kik Messenger as an Whatsapp alternative messenger app, but the choice is all yours!

Just remember that all these moves are steps that WhatsApp has taken to favor our safety over the factor of content going viral, so can you blame it?

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