Learn to Change Pixel 3 XL Display Colors

With your Pixel 3 XL model, you basically get the most refined version of Android available on any smartphone, but it’s obviously that you want even more than that. Some say that you get a great package for £869 with 64GB of storage or £969 with 128GB of storage, in a choice of black, white or pink and I tend to agree since little additions make all the difference.

I’ve been testing the Pixel 3 XL model too for more than a few days and I think that this flagship is a formidable one thanks to Google’s attention for all details. I remember how plenty of people complained about the Pixel 2 XL’s screen last year looking a bit muted, so this time Google added a few display configurations to enjoy on the new Pixel 3 XL model.

You can now change Pixel 3 XL Display Colors and like that I am sure that complains and reports of dull colors, poor viewing angles, and other similar problems will stop surfacing all over the internet.

Don’t you like what you see at this point on your handset’s display? Just make the suitable changes for more vivid colors, or crisp, and over-saturated ones. The choice is all yours!

Learn to Change Pixel 3 XL Display Colors:

  1. First of all, you have to head into Settings;
  2. Find and select Display;
  3. Then, you have to tap on Advanced to see more settings;
  4. Scroll down and select Colors;
  5. Here you can find three options to choose from; I am talking about: Natural, Boosted, as well as Adaptive. These three options can change the overall look of the Pixel 3 XL, and how colors get displayed. It’s set to Natural by default, which is the most accurate one indeed, but those boring colors are not the best and many owners complain about this aspect. If you find the bold Saturated mode as being too bright for you, Boosted cranks up the saturation. The Adaptive mode similarly increases the saturation, but it ensures others things like skin tone and reds are toned down too.

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