Try Out Mophie Charge Stream Powerstation for your Pixel 3

One of the great things about your Pixel 3 is its support for wireless charging and Google also released the $80 Pixel Stand, a wireless charging pad that turns the Google Pixel 3 smartphone into a smart alarm clock when it’s docked in. Some claim that if you want to get the fastest wireless charging speeds out of your Pixel 3, you’ll need to buy the Pixel Stand or another Google-licensed 10W wireless charger and they are not making a mistake, just as if you really need the advanced dock mode, there is no better option.

If you don’t, then I can tell you for sure that there are plenty of other great alternatives out there such as Mophie’s Powerstation which lets you go completely wireless and finally take your charging with you. After all, you know that the biggest criticism against wireless charging is that it’s not actually wireless as there’s still a wire running to the charger itself.

Mophie gives its answer to that in the form of a portable battery pack that supports wireless charging — up to 5W of wireless power, or 10W when using a cable. So, you can finally forget about fussing with cables; simply place your Pixel 3 smartphone on the PowerStation wireless portable battery and push the button to begin charging wirelessly.

There is no need to remove your case to charge as the PowerStation wireless portable battery can charge through lightweight cases up to 3mm thick. And even better, you can even charge two devices at once using wireless charging and the high-output USB-A port.

You might not have the sleek design coming from a Google product such as the Pixel Stand, but Mophie’s Powerstation has its charm, don’t you think? For now, this looks like the very best charger for people who want to go wireless and don’t mind the higher price tag to get it.

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