How to Fix HTC One M8 Black Screen Bug with ease

HTC One M8 has all the chances to impress you, being one of the best devices of the moment, but the frustrating black screen bug can even appear to such a phone, no matter of its advanced specs and features and this means just one thing.

There are cases when the HTC One M8 screen goes black, but the phone is still operating as it vibrates and rings and there are also situations when everything stops functioning. We know that things don’t sound at all good, but you should think twice before wasting your time and going to a service center.

Here we have a few simple methods that can show you how to fix a HTC One M8 black screen bug and don’t worry; we are not talking about any sort of complicated apps and third party apps. That’s not at all the case! We want to keep things as simple as possible, so don’t hesitate to read and find out more:

How to Fix HTC One M8 Black Screen Bug:

1. Try to Factory Reset your HTC One M8

We have told you more than once that a hard reset aka factory reset may help returning to normal if you are currently experiencing a blank screen, if the device makes noises and you can’t make or receive calls or if it simply does not work as good as when you have bought it.

Before starting the procedure, we want to warn you about the necessity of saving all your important data until starting the hard resetting operations or you’ll lose everything that’s currently found on your smartphone. We know that it is said that external SDcards aren’t usually wiped in these procedures, but we still recommend to remove it in case of using one in order to be sure that data stored there is completely safe.

The factory resetting operation is not such a difficult one – we can all agree on that – but we still want to be clear about something: this can be a tricky procedure especially if you have never done anything like that before, so cannot be held responsible of anything that might happened to your HTC One M8 during this procedure; you should proceed at your own risk only!

You can learn how to hard reset your HTC One M8 by using our compatible step by step tutorial (just check the provided link and follow the steps from there)

It is true that it might take longer than usual for booting the HTC One M8 device, but after that, there are big chances to get rid of the black screen problem. Let’s hope that your screen starts working again.

2. Run the RUU (ROM Update Utility)

If your HTC One M8 doesn’t boot, then you can try to run the RUU (ROM Update Utility). For those of you who don’t know, this is a Windows based exe file that includes a complete operating system (of course, with a stock recovery), bootloader (Hboot), as well as radio (Baseband.)

So, this program is supposed to bring the HTC One M8 back to a stock state while the handset is in bootloader mode, helping you to easily get rid of this problem.

Do note: if you need extra help on that matter don’t hesitate and check how to update HTC One M8.

3. Charge your device:

As crazy as this method my sound at first, we can assure that there are several cases that don’t require anything else. Yes, maybe a simple problem as charging has caused the black screen to your HTC One handset. So, try to charge the device and make sure that the handset is not showing the black screen due to the ultra-low battery.

If your HTC One M8 refuses to boot up or shows the black screen no matter what you are doing, you must take your phone to the service center, or you should try to fix a bricked HTC One M8. Or, you can simply contact your carrier to request a replacement device. With a demonstrable issue like a black screen, getting a warranty replacement shouldn’t be a problem, but this might take a few days, so be prepared to wait patiently.

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16 Responses

  1. Faisal says:

    I hate this my phone does that all the time. Its annoying. Especially when my alarm dosbt go off.

  2. jake says:

    The black screen error happened to me yesterday i was thinking of taking the battery out not knowing how difficult it would be, unless you know what you are doing with taking it out then don’t bother but i just let the battery die on my htc, once this happened i started charging and as of now its working fine. Even though I found this fix i feel as though this error should happen on such an expensive phone. Hope this help.

  3. Alejandro Guajardo says:

    Well, I would add a Step 0. Why not try simple device reboot?

    Remember the keys (POWER + VOL UP). Both pressed for at least 10 seconds.

  4. April Ball says:

    reboot isn’t working. stupid thing just thinks I’m turning up the freaking volume and ugh this is the seventh time this has happened. usually its fixed with a simple take the battery out for 24 hours and boom done its back to normal but now it seems not one method will work. not even this factory reset crap. its not letting me do it!!!!!!!

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