Lie Detector Simulator Leads to Actual Confessions

Are you looking for a way to discover who’s lying to you? I bet that you have your reasons for that. Psychologists suggest all sorts of ways to figure out how to suspect a lie, but it isn’t always that easy. And not all of us are into psychology in the first place, but this doesn’t mean that we are supposed to stick with the lies being told to us.

I have another suggestion for you today. Remember that lies are often detected through hard evidence, such as physical evidence or a direct confession. There is no app in the world that can give you the evidence that you might look for, but some of them can lead to an actual confession. You just have to play your part in the game.

Lie Detector Simulator is the app that I have in mind for you today. This is one of those lie detector apps for Android which helps you determine who tells the truth or who doesn’t. Well, not literally, but if the partner doesn’t know that, you might have a chance.

So, just to be clear from the start, this app is for fun and entertainment purposes only. You can use it to make pranks with your friends and family, with your loved one or a coworker or simply get the truth out of this game.

It is a free easy to use, with amazing sound effect options for more interest that it might work.

How does it function?

The person in cause must place the finger on fingerprint scanner and wait for a few seconds until it displays the result. So, the app is supposedly scanning the finger and calculating the result, true or false.

You can preset answers (truth or lie) in the settings screen and ask the questions you have in mind. Lie Detector Simulator records your partner’s voice while answering the question. So, the application will act like analyzing their voice and displaying the preset answer from Settings.

Download Lie Detector Simulator into your Android device and have some fun with it.

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