Use Energy Ring to Add Battery Indicator to Galaxy S10 Camera Hole

Samsung has made a major design change with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series. The punch hole camera cutouts might not be what you have been looking for, so there’s no wonder that we are seeing so many wallpapers that conceal the camera or blend it with the background. Today I want to tell you more about an app called Energy Ring and developed by IJP.

Well, this developer has considerable experience with making custom battery indicators for Android. Energy Bar is one of its latest creations and it supports the curved screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship too. Should you try it out? Take that decision by yourself:

Energy Ring is all about extra efficiency

Energy Ring adds a small colorful ring around the Galaxy S10 camera that helps indicate just how much battery charge is still left in the device. The ring can be easily set to show 25 percent increments of battery life.

Energy Ring sits on the screen putting almost no load on CPU. Then, if battery level changes, Android wakes up Energy Ring. Once awake, the app updates itself and goes back to sleep. And to be that extra efficient, the Ring goes on deep sleep when you turn off the screen, meaning it doesn’t even read changes in battery level when the screen is off.

Besides all these, you should know that Energy Ring offers you a variety of customization options. I am talking about ring direction, thickness and even different colors for each 25 percent increment. Too be more precise, there are a few different color configurations to choose from: Segments, Merged Segments, Gradient Segments, and Gradient. And in each of these options, you can define different colors for various battery percentages ranging from 1% to 25%, 26% to 50%, 51% to 75%, or 76% to 100%.

There’s also a toggle to disable the indicator on fullscreen apps. Like that, you will make sure that it never gets in the way when you’re watching videos or playing games.

So, what do you say? Do you want to give it a try? It’s available as a free download from the Google Play Store, so waste no more time: Energy Ring – Battery indicator for Galaxy S10/e/+.

The app is currently available for Samsung Galaxy S10E and S10 Plus too, so all users of the new line can enjoy it.

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