How to Highlight the Borders of Your Pixel 3XL Device

Remember when the iPhone X notch was widely mocked by competitors? Who could imagine what a trend this could turn into? No one, I tell you that! At the end of 2017, a bunch of iPhone X copycats began popping up in China . They proudly showed off their notch-inspired industrial designs back then. And let’s not forget about Hangzhou and its iPhone X clone named “The Notch”.

And, of course, we shouldn’t forget big players like Samsung. The company was smart enough to steer away from adding a notch to their newly revealed Galaxy S10 handsets.Even so, the camera hole is still a major design change with little appreciation. And Google Pixel can’t resist to the notch trend either.

Though the bigger Google flagship is nearly identical to the smaller Pixel 3 in specs, the 3 XL features a notch on its display. It’s indeed the thickest notch we’ve seen, but it doesn’t mean that it should be there in the first place. If you hate it though, you can hide it by blackening the sides around it. So, I am at least glad that Google isn’t ready to fully embrace Apple’s feature here since it has implemented such an option. And there are also a few distractions from your problem.

The app that gives your Pixel handset glowing borders

And app such as Borderlight Live Wallpaper can distract our attention from the notch we hate. That’s an application that gives us a wallpaper anime that covers the corners of our handset in a uniquely visual way. It basically all started with a blank screen with glowing borders, but you have so much more to enjoy now.

Regardless of the aspect ratio or the size of the notch, the application works correctly. And if you’d like to make some changes for your Pixel 3XL, note that it can be adjusted to better fit the screen. For that, just open the app and change the screen shape settings.

In addition, the app is very customizable. So, it adapts to each and every one of the proportions that are there in Android, but you mays also add a normal background image or adjust the border thickness. The shorter, less annoying preset codes are great too and the wider range of border radii made support for Pixel 3 XL possible.

Borderlight is available on the Play Store, but the choice is all yours. Will you grab it and install it into your Google Pixel device?

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