Accepting Pixel 3 XL Excessive Vibration

Reports about Pixel 3 excessive vibration are widespread, with a surprising number of threads posted all over the internet. There’s no reason on denying what’s really happening. I don’t know how many of you listen to music from the speakers while holding a phone in your hand, but some users certainly do it. And they don’t really like how things are these days.

While the Pixel 3 XL is offering the best haptic feedback on any Android device, owners all over the world noted that the devices vibrate excessively when loud music is played over the speakers.

Sure, my Pixel 3 XL does vibrate when I played some music at max volume, but it wasn’t so uncomfortable that it would make me put down the phone. Not all users think the same and they are really bothered by this. Are you one of them too?

One of the many

This sound issue is just one among an increasing number of problems. It all started with early adopters of the Google Pixel 3 XL who have reported one issue after another. We have already discussed a number of problems related to the connectivity, photos that aren’t saved, display or volume issues, so that’s just one of the many.

Google’s Pixel phones are far from perfect, but I like them even so. The Pixel line is getting better year by year. Despite various flaws, Pixel 3 XL remains one my favorite phones on the market and such an inspired choice.

What to do?

You won’t give up at such a handset due to such a small problem, right? To tell you the truth, it’s unclear if Google would be willing to do something about it. There’s no official statement coming from Google in that matter and I do not think that there will be.

However, the official Pixel Fabric case also does dampen the vibration significantly. Many users forgot about this issue thanks to the case, so would you take in consideration such an option? Let me know if you do and if anything changes for better.

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