Learn to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Toggles

You know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 development community is on fire on the past few weeks. So far, we have seen ways to root and install TWRP, improve camera quality and not only, but maybe you don’t have to get there, at least not yet. Do you know how easy is to customize the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 toggles?

These toggle settings in the Galaxy Note 8 enable you to quickly turn on and off data/WiFi/Bluetooth, along with other settings from the screen top in the notification bar. I love the fact that Samsung takes into consideration various sorts of customization, and it is only up to you to change every one of the selections in the notification bar by pulling the bar down of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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It’s like having the chance to set your very own notice bar, so follow the given steps:

Learn to Customize Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Toggles:

  1. First of all, you have to switch on the Note 8 device;
  2. Simply pull down with your two finger the notification bar and select the top right squares icon to gain easy access to Quick Settings;
  3. Select the Pencil like form at the top of the display;
  4. On the Notification Panel, edit settings;
  5. That’s the ideal place where you can do some adjustment of the brightness from the bar and set all the quick settings buttons that you desire to customize;
  6. You can take a hold at any toggle by pressing down at the one you desire to be remove and after it’s highlighted you can drag and drop it anywhere you’d like.

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