Enjoy HTC One M9 Dot View Case

Do you remember the Dot View Case for the HTC One M8? If you used the case on the previous company’s flagship, then there is no mystery about what you’re getting here. The Taiwanese company is more than popular for its aluminum flagships, but are you aware of the fact that it is also a master of polycarbonate, offering us amazing stylish plastic cases and accessories?

HTC’s One M9 Dot View Case is no exception to that. I am talking about some sort of a rubberized case that protects not only the back of the phone, but the front too. The interesting part is that the display has holes in it that let images to show through, so you get a unique design, along with information such as the time, weather, notifications or missed calls.

I find this case so unique and practical that it’s impossible not to fall in love with after using one, especially after all the changes that the company made. Do you want to give a chance to such a Dot View case with its perforated cover flaps that displays info in what I can call an animated 8-bit like design? Here’s what you should know from the start:

Enjoy HTC One M9 Dot View Case:

Fresh color options
The first major change you’ll notice with the M9 Dot View case is the addition of several new colors to choose from. And if you want even more than that, then you’ll like to find out that Dot View 2 also comes in a variant with a clear backside, ensuring that the handset’s elegant exterior can still shine through.

Premium feel and look
The company offers us a case that looks and feels premium than before, having a similar general build as the previous version. The front of the case is still covered in dots and features a hidden magnet that lets the screen to turn on and off when the case is opened and shut, but despite of all these similarities, the new One M9 Dot View Case has been engineered to function more properly and fold back behind the phone even easier than before.

After all, if you’ve used a Dot View case in the past, then you’d know how difficult it was to type on the phone when the case was open. This issue didn’t allow the front panel to sit flush with the back of the device, which made it very difficult to hold and use, but things are much better now.

How can you actually use it?
Well, by bringing the HTC One M9 up to your face activates the Dot View case functionality, so all you have to do is to double tap the case in order to have access to your latest notifications, time, missed calls and so on. Several other shortcuts are available by swiping down, left and right when the case is closed.

Updated HTC Dot View app
Even more, I want you to keep in mind that the companion app for the Dot View case has been improved as well. HTC has added the ability to draw 8-bit like visuals (such as a heart or a bird) adding your personal touch, not to mention that you can even add a scrollable message that will show on the case when you don’t have any notifications taking up the screen.

Do you like playing simple video games? You can do that straight from the cover. For the moment, there is only one available game: the classic Brick Breaker, but the company promises that new games will be added in the near future.

Take HTC Dot View app from here.

And if this is not what you are looking for, then there are several other HTC One M9 cases to choose from!

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