Wallpix – all its Wallpapers are Stored on the Cloud

High quality is one of the biggest demands these days, no matter of what you might be thinking of. Many apps provide generous collections of HD wallpapers and the truth is that the entire experience of a certain media depends on the media quality: the better the quality, the better the experience. However, not all wallpaper apps can give you what you want and the AndroidFlagship team wants to save you money, time and disappointment at this chapter.

One app that won’t give you these, but satisfaction is none other than Wallpix which comes with some of the best wallpapers available for Android.

All wallpapers in this app are stored on the cloud and you know what this means, not to mention the fact that that they are also hand-picked. They are of high quality and in portrait resolution, so they are perfect for smartphones, but that’s pretty much all. I always want to be honest from the start, so taking this app is not the best choice for tablet users which may face some problems due to these aspects.

But if you want them for your Android device, this is a perfect option! The wallpaper collection is constantly updated and you even get a popup notification when new wallpapers are available. And if it happens to already have your handset running Android 7.0 or above, you can set separate wallpapers for lock screen and home screen from the start.

Are you at least a bit curious? If so, just take Wallapix from here.

If this is the ideal app for you too, then you should also think of the PRO VERSION which removes all those ads that might bother you at the moment. And besides that, keep in mind the fact that it also comes with other useful features such as Randomizze Walls, a beautiful Light/Dark Theme, or Save Location.

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