Enjoy Samsung Digital Wellbeing and Bixby Routines on any Rooted One UI Device

I remember kidding about Google wanting to use our phone less. Is it the truth? Leading up to the launch of Android Pie, Google’s Digital Wellbeing tools were one of the most exciting additions. However, they used to restricted solely to Pixel phones at launch, and later expanded to Android One. And now, things are about to change since Samsung’s own Digital Wellbeing can be grabbed as well on your rooted One UI device.

Samsung’s Digital Wellbeing looks almost exactly like Google’s Digital Wellbeing offering and even has the same name, so it isn’t such a big deal – some might say. I couldn’t agree more, but if you are aware of your smartphone addiction, little things like this one are the ones making a difference. I know it and you know it too. So, you are precisely where you should be.

Well, instead of using God knows what creepy third-party app for similar Wellbeing features, just get the feature now with the Module below. And besides Digital Wellbeing, you also get Bixby Routines. Samsung’s new Bixby Routines are a re-named version of their Routines app that was released with Good Lock 2018. That’s not though a bad thing though since we all loved it.

So, what are you still doing here? Move on to the actual procedure described here for your Android device:

Enjoy Samsung Digital Wellbeing and Bixby Routines on any rooted One UI Device:

  1. First of all, you need to grab the S10Stuff Magisk Module from AndroidFileHost. All this Module does is push the Galaxy S10’s Wellbeing and Routines APK to /system/priv-app, exactly as you need it to;
  2. Open Magisk Manager;
  3. Now, install the module;
  4. Then, just reboot your phone.

Have you completed the procedure? Do you need any extra help? Let me know and be sure that I will be there for you.

And as pointed out by a few of our readers, there is also a way for non-rooted users to get a taste of the Digital Wellbeing, but that’s a story for another day.

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