Best Tips for LG G4 Front Camera

Considering the fact that LG G3 had one of last year’s best cameras, I have to admit that I was excepting the best from its latest flagship at this chapter and that’s exactly what all LG G4 owners received.

I can only tell you that the photos taken with the LG G4 16MP camera look spectacular, managing to capture a level of detail only matched by Galaxy S6 and even better than before, night shots are well-balanced as well, capturing plenty of detail using the flash and not making the subject look over-exposed anymore.

There’s much more to say about this camera, but in this guide, there’s something else that I want to talk about: the LG G4 Front Camera.

In addition to this amazing rear camera, LG has prepared more surprises: when it comes to its front cam (also built by LG Innotek), you should know from the very beginning that it features an 8MP shooter, so this is the company’s highest resolution front-facing shooter up to date. Why choosing such an option?

Well, it seems that the company clarifies the mystery saying that the LG G4 packs an 8-megapixel sensor “in response to the explosive growth of selfies.” Selfies are enjoyable when used in moderation and who doesn’t want to look perfect when taking a selfie? That is why another key element of the latest smartphones that buyers are looking for is none other than the front camera.

When it comes to LG’s G4 one, you should know that it is better than many rear cameras on popular phones last year, and has a few options that you’ll definitely enjoy. For example, it comes with an “ultra-thin IR filter” that is designed to keep infrared light from entering the camera lens and as the company claims, it gives it more natural and accurate colors than ever before. What else can you do with the camera?

Tips for LG G4 Front Camera:

  • Do you want to switch to Front Camera? All you have to do is to swipe across the screen anywhere (up/down or side to side) to quickly switch between the front and rear camera;
  • The Dual feature is there to give you the possibility to take a picture or record video with the front and rear cameras simultaneously. Use this Dual Feature in order to Take a Picture with both the Front and Rear LG G4 Cameras:
  1. Tap the Home key;
  2. Go to All apps icon;
  3. Tap the Camera app icon;
  4. Tap camera mode icon;
  5. Now, it’s time to choose the Dual feature option;
  6. Drag the small screen displaying the front camera lens image to move it to your desired location;
  7. Touch and hold the small screen to resize it;
  8. Tap on the small screen to alternate between the two cameras.
  9. Tap camera capture icon to take a picture.
  • Use Dual Feature to Record Video with both the Front and Rear LG G4 Cameras:
  1. Once again, follow the steps above to get to the Dual feature option;
  2. Tap record video icon in order to record a video;
  3. Up next, simply tap the Video stop icon to stop dual recording.
  • Do you know that after taking a photo with the front camera, you can automatically check the captured photo with a simple gesture? After taking the picture, bring the phone close to your face and you’ll be surprised to see that the captured photo is displayed. Yes, you can quickly check the photos taken with the front camera without tapping on the screen, but depending on the speed and angle of the gesture, this feature may not work properly, every time you might want to use it. In such a case, just repeat the gesture;
  • The Gallery is where you can access the stored camera images. You can choose to view them in a slideshow, you can edit them, delete the ones which don’t match your expectations and finally share them with your friends and family.

Excited for LG’s G4 front camera? Give it a try and let me know if you like it!

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