Change Galaxy S8 App Shortcuts on the Lock Screen

Lock screen app shortcuts have been around forever, it seems like. HTC, Samsung and LG have had them in their custom UX for Android for a few years and the story is pretty much the same for many of those Chinese manufacturers that have arisen in the past few years.

Like many other Android phones, the Galaxy S8 lets you pin your favorite applications to your lock screen for a more convenient access than ever. This is nothing new as you have also seen it on Galaxy S7 and to tell you the truth, I love the fact that Samsung gives us the option to change which apps appear with just a few taps.

It’s true that you can use only up to two app shortcuts in Galaxy S8 lock screen, but this is definitely better than nothing. And something tells me that the two default options aren’t what you are looking for (well, by default, phone app for emergency calls is placed in the left side; all you need is to swipe the icon to any directions to use the app, yet is this what you want to have there?).

Instead, you can set the app shortcuts to apps you actually use, such as the mighty Facebook or that app that helps you stay away from your phone when you need to work (yes, dependence is a major issue of these days).

Speaking of that, Checky shows you how many times you’ve checked your phone a day or you can learn how to Fight against your Phone Addiction with Offtake.

Here’s what you need to do:

How to Change Galaxy S8 App Shortcuts on the Lock Screen:

  1. Open the phone’s settings from the app drawer or by hitting the gear icon in the notification shade;
  2. Go into the Lock screen and security menu;
  3. Then, it’s time to go into App shortcuts;
  4. Up next, change each shortcut to the app you want.

That was all. With your custom apps set, feel free to simply wake your device and launch one of your apps by sliding the app icon up, towards the top of the screen. Do you see how simply it really is?

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