Use WhatsApp without Number or Sim Card Verification

There is no secret that WhatsApp is one of the giant messaging platforms used by billions of people as we are speaking. All you need is a data package from your service provider and text messages and multimedia messages are at your convenience. Even more, with WhatsApp you can share all the best moments via pictures and videos, express deepest emotions via GIFs and emoticons and basically stay in touch with all those who matter in your life, but do you know all about it?

Do you imagine having the chance to enjoy the instant messaging app without a phone number or SIM card? WhatsApp lets you do that. Yes, you may use WhatsApp without a phone number or a sim card verification. All you have to do is follow these simple steps, but not before deleting or uninstalling your old WhatsApp account.

Just be prepared to save all your data like photos and important files on your phone before deleting your WhatsApp account and then, let the procedure begin:

How to Use WhatsApp without Number or Sim Card Verification:

  1. Download the latest WhatsApp messenger;
  2. Then, install it on your Android device;
  3. WhatsApp will ask your phone number for the verification purpose and since you cannot do that, switch your phone to Flight mode;
  4. Now, it’s time to open the installed WhatsApp messaging app and enter your mobile number. As your device is in flight mode, it’s not a complete verification process, so rest assured;
  5. Then, select verification through SMS;
  6. Enter your valid e-mail address;
  7. Click on the Submit button and immediately tap on the Cancel option. You have to perform this action within a few seconds or else the procedure will fail;
  8. Install fake message apps for your individual devices to use WhatsApp app without a phone or mobile number. Such an example is Spoof Text Message;
  9. Now you have to create a spoof message via Spoof Text Message;
  10. Up next, go to Outbox, copy the message details and send it to a fake number. You may use these details to complete the false verification step:
    To: +447834348649
    From: + (country code) (mobile number)
    Message: Your current e-mail address
  11. At this point, a false verification message will be sent to the fake number. That’s it! This way you can complete the verification process without any mobile number.

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