How to Set Up and Use LG G5 Silent Mode

This is the fifth generation of LG’s flagship smartphone, and this time around things are great: the G5 has an aluminum case, it includes an amazing expansion slot, it is powerful and fast, it supports a handful of accessories that make the phone a great choice.

However, some are having troubles trying to find the Do Not Disturb mode and the reason for this is because on the LG G5, the Do Not Disturb mode is called Silent Mode. This Quiet mode can turn itself on and off daily at certain times and has several different features that can be customized so you can make sure you don’t miss any important alarms or emergency calls.

The process to enable Silent Mode is very simple and only takes a few minutes to set up. The following is a guide on how to set up and use Silent Mode (Do Not Disturb Mode) on the LG G5, so keep on reading:

How to Set Up and Use LG G5 Silent Mode:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Choose the Sound options;
  3. Keep looking until you find “Quiet Mode”;
  4. Do you see an ON & OFF switch on the upper right corner? Good! Now, turn the toggle ON;
  5. Below the Features section, you can easily choose the types of alerts and sounds that are blocked. My recommendation is to select Block incoming calls if you have your phone disturbing you;
  6. You can also choose to allow calls from pre-selected numbers to still get through and to send a message to callers when quiet mode is enabled;
  7. Don’t leave aside the Turn off notifications option;
  8. If you are using the LG G5 as an alarm clock, then do not check the box to Turn off alarm and time or you will have problems with waking up in time;
  9. There is also a section from where you can allow specific contacts to reach you while in Silent Mode. You can either block everyone, select the favorites or a custom contact list to contact you. For those that select Favorites, this means anyone in your contact list with a star at the top can contact you;
  10. You can also Block the notification LED – the LED on the G5 isn’t the brightest that you can find on such a device, but if you’d rather it stopped blinking, then check this box.

To disable silent mode, swipe down from the top of the screen and simply tap the Silent option.

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