How to Block LG G5 Calls from All Unknown Callers

Nuisance calls are real and they bother us all the time. Anyway, without Caller ID it’s difficult to know who’s on the end of the line until you answer it and if you do that, it might already be too late and you’re stuck talking. Happily, your LG G5 smartphone which is a tool for interaction and staying connected, can also help you disconnect and stay away from those that tend to ruin your day.

Many Android-phone manufacturers include tools to easily block incoming calls from specific numbers or from all unknown callers and your handset is no exception. If you have people or unknown, annoying numbers that you’d prefer not to see anymore, the instructions below will help you.

Here’s how to block calls from unknown numbers by following this procedure:

How to Block LG G5 Calls from All Unknown Callers:

  1. Enter into in Settings;
  2. The second option is the Call rejection one, so tap it;
  3. Then, it’s time to go to the Auto reject list;
  4. Choose the option to block calls from “Unknown callers” on the LG G5;
  5. After doing that, just switch the toggle ON and you’ll no longer be bothered by those who don’t want to reveal their identity. Like that, all the callers who block their incoming number will have no change to reach you ever again until you decide so;
  6. If you ever decide that an acquaintance served his or her time on the blocked list after blocking the number and all the unknown numbers that it might be using, if the break that you needed has reached to an end, like adding someone to the blocked list, they ca be removed too. Go into Settings, tap on the Auto reject list and easily remove contacts from the rejection list or untick the Unknown callers option.

In case of being the owner of other Samsung handsets, then you can be sure of the fact that I have other tutorials that might help you: you can learn How to Block Calls on the New Galaxy S7 Edge with the help of this procedure or How to Block Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Unwanted Calls by using these steps.

As for your LG G5 handset, don’t go along just with what the company has to offer, but have fun and explore as much as possible – for that, I am sure that these guides and tips can help you!

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