SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 for Free

Have you bought the new Samsung Galaxy S6? Then, you have plenty of reasons to be pleased by your choice, even though your actions are limited by the SIM lock feature, which is a carrier restrictions pre loaded on your S6.

We must admit from the very beginning the fact that there are a lot of situations when an SIM unlocked Galaxy S6 can be very useful, so in order to better understand the importance of this very simple process, let us tell you more about these situations and what exactly this procedure means.

First of al, we are curious to find out if you are one those people who like to travel and keep in touch with friends and family. If the answer is a positive one, then you don’t really need us to tell you that roaming fees are one of the biggest problems in such a case, so it is up to you to choose a local SIM. However, you cannot use a different SIM with a locked phone, so SIM unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 is a must.

There are also cases when owners could decide that it’s time to change their network provider. There is no mystery either the fact that almost all carriers sell their phones locked, so you won’t be able to use a SIM from a different network unless you unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 and make your wish possible. And no less important, don’t forget that an unlocked phone is way easier to sell.

If this is your final decision (after all, we have all seen that there are also some problems with the handset, such as S6 GPS Problems, Screen Rotation Problems, Overheating issues, Wi-Fi Problems, as well as Bluetooth Problems and not only), then why not increasing your chances of selling it? In all these cases, an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6, so what are you waiting for? The most used method is by code, since it’s very easy to do.

It really doesn’t matter if you have never done something similar before. In fact, we can assure you that you don’t need any technical knowledge, not to mention that unlocking your handset is 100% safe and secure and using a genuine unlocking code has no risks of damaging your phone or voiding its warranty.

How to Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone:

  1. Basically, all you need to do is to select the brand and the model of your phone from the menu of an unlock website, alongside the IMEI, the network and the country the phone was originally bought from;
  2. Shortly after that, you will receive an email with the unlock code; keep in mind that we cannot tell you how long it usually take to receive the unlock code, but this depends on the phone model, country and network. For some models it takes only a few minutes, for others it might take even a few hours;
  3. Insert an unsupported SIM card and restart your phone.
  4. When prompted, carefully enter the unlock code we sent via email and you’ll get the message “Unlock successful”;
    That was all! Your Samsung Galaxy S device is now unlocked and like that will remain forever (don’t believe those rumors about devices that can re-lock by themselves).

As for those of you thinking of other methods of getting rid of the carrier lock, here is also the possibility of asking your service provider to do this, but in most cases, this means going through a couple of phone calls with the support team and even paying a big unlocking fee, so we don’t really recommend this method! The code method is much faster and we hope that you’ll enjoy it!

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