How to Add a Contact to the Reject List on LG G5

After months of speculation, the LG G5 is finally here. The phone has been completely reimagined and it has both a new look and amazing specs, but this doesn’t change everything. Nuisance calls can still make our life miserable, even if you are the owner of an LG G5.

I don’t know if you are annoyed by a salesperson, by a friend who crosses the line, or you just need a digital break at the moment, but Android’s operating system now allows users to limit the communication received from the outside world. Yes, fortunately you can block specific callers (or rather said, specific phone numbers) on your LG G5, enabling you to avoid them as long as possible. Let’s imagine that you receive a call, hang up or don’t answer at all and then decide you want to block that person’s number and avoid being bothered by them in the future.

So, if you have an annoying number that you’d prefer not to see messages or receive calls from, the instructions below are for you.

And it’s important to note that the Silent Mode will not stop from blocking a repeat caller that you do not want to talk to on the LG G5, but to do that, you will need to follow one of these two procedures:

How to Add a Contact to the Reject List on LG G5 (method 1):

  1. One way to block calls and texts on the LG G5 is by going to the Phone app itself;
  2. Once you get there, choose More in the top-right corner;
  3. After that, go into Settings;
  4. The second option in is none other than the Call rejection one that interests you;
  5. You must tap it;
  6. Then, tap Auto reject list;
  7. Once you get to this page, feel free to enter a phone number to block on your LG G5. In addition, if you have blocked anyone in the past, those numbers will show up here as well, so this is the place from where you can easily remove contacts from the rejection list if you want.

How to Add a Contact to the Reject List on LG G5 (method 2):

This method is even easier than the first one as long as it involves only a few steps:

  1. For the start, add the number that bothers you to your contacts;
  2. Then, tap More – the three dots in the upper right;
  3. Now, just add the contact to the reject list.
  4. If you don’t want to add the number to your contacts, go into the Phone application;
  5. Tap on Call Log;
  6. Choose the number you want to block;
  7. Hit More;
  8. Then, choose the options that says Add to auto reject list.”

And if the blocking is also to limit yourself from communication with a certain person on your LG G5, you should better go ahead and delete their number completely from your phone.

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