Steps to Delete WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

Online backups are a bless, especially when you are switching phones. However, you should always remember that WhatsApp backups are not encrypted. Do you delete the WhatsApp backup from time to time? You should definitely do so if you care about your privacy. If anybody gets their hands on your backup, they can decrypt it, and all your personal data might become available.

On the Google Drive, the WhatsApp not only backs up our all chat messages, but this also includes the images and videos. Yes, it only offers 15 GB of space, but the regular auto backup of WhatsApp chats and media files may eat it sooner than expected.

If there is something which is very sensitive, and you want any proof of that to be gone, then you have no other choice. It is indeed best to delete them online. WhatsApp backups can easily be deleted from Google drive, so let’s have a closer look.

Steps to delete WhatsApp backup from Google Drive are here presented:


  1. Open the Google Drive app;
  2. After opening the Google drive, you will see various options on the left side of your drive. You must tap on the burger icon given on the left top side to see the menu options;
  3. Then, navigate to Backup. This one clearly holds all your phone backups and WhatsApp backup;
  4. You can now see the WhatsApp backup file that includes your phone number in its name that associated with your Whatsapp account that backup chats and media files you want to delete permanently;
  5. In case of using same Gmail ID with multiple WhatsApp accounts, then backups of all accounts will show under your Google Drive;
  6. Tap on the three dots given at the front of the WhatsApp back up file and you will get two options: Delete backup and Turn off backup:
  • Delete Backup – this option will permanently delete the WhatsApp backup files for the particular mobile number which associated with your WhatsApp account;
  • Turn off backup: this turns off the backup permanently for WhatsApp unless and until you change your mind and turn it back On.

You know what you have to do now.

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