Use Screen Pinning on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Android Lollipop has been rolling out to users for weeks and we know that there ae still some users disappointed about the fact that their devices are still not running on this version. However, if you are the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone, this is not your case as long as the handset comes with this version out of the box.

Do you know what great new features are coming along with Lollipop? Today we want to tell you more about one of them as long as it hasn’t been much talk about it despite of the fact that we find it as being really useful especially if you’ve got a large phone as this one offered by Samsung. Pinning screens is a new feature in Lollipop and what it does is allowing you to ‘pin’ an app to the screen, so no accidental swipes or taps on a button could ever offer you access to the app unless you unpin it first.

If you’ve enabled any sort of PIN or passcode on your device, you can set it so that the passcode is required to unpin the app and trust us when we are saying that the procedure is not at all a complicated one. Here we are to guide you all the way, so let’s begin:

Use Screen Pinning on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

    1. For the start, go to Settings>Security and look for the Screen Pinning option;
    2. You have to tap it and tap the switch to enable Pinning;
    3. After that, you have to launch the app you want to pin, or if it’s already running, bring it up once so that it is the last active app that you used;
    4. Tap the Overview button in Android; if you don’t know, it is the square to the right of the round Home button and it shows all of your open apps;
    5. After you tap it and confirm you want to pin the app;
    6. If you want to unpin an app, you must press and hold the multitasking button until you see ‘Screen Unpinned’ on the screen;
    7. If you have any type of security lock on your Android Galaxy S6 Edge phone — which is highly recommended — you’ll be given the option to enable entering it in order to unpin an app;
    8. In such a case, you can unlock your Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone with the PIN, swipe or whichever lock method you use and it will be back to normal with full app access.

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Starting to this moment, the feature pins the app that you choose so you can navigate anywhere around the app. Yes, this means that you can hand your phone to a member of your family or to a friend without worrying that they might become too noisy.

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