How to Use Wide Selfie Mode on your Galaxy S8+

Speaking of Galaxy’s S8+ rear camera, I know that I was initially thrilled by the idea that this smartphone could come with a new front facing camera with autofocus (AF) functionality. This feature was supposed to allow the camera lens to adjust itself so it can provide the most advantageous focus level according to the subject’s position and I now I have the confirmation that that it gives better smartphone photo quality.

However, I have just discovered something else as exciting as this feature: I found out that I can use the Wide Selfie Mode on my Galaxy S8+. Selfies are a habit of these days, and if you don’t vehemently object to the practice you’ll be glad to know that your new smartphone has several tools for taking great front-facing camera shots including the special mode that I was telling you about.

Don’t you know where to find it? Well, this is not an issue since here I am to help you out with that:

How to Use Wide Selfie Mode on your Galaxy S8+:

  1. For the start, you have to go into Apps > Camera;
  2. To take a selfie using the front camera, just swipe up or down;
  3. To access Camera modes, swipe to the right;
  4. Then, touch Wide selfie;
  5. Touch Capture;
  6. Don’t hesitate to swivel your device slowly in one direction.

If you’re not sure when to use this mode, let me come up with a few suggestions:

  • When you’re climbing the highest mountain, the tallest step ladder and so on, show everyone that you’re not afraid of anything;
  • If you’re out in the country, or in your backyard garden, let others see what beauties you have there and imagine that they are in that very place too;
  • Get everyone in a single shot without squeezing up. The Wide selfie mode will take care of you all!

With these being said, I hope that you get how lucky you are. Your Galaxy S8+ comes equipped with a new 8-megapixel sensor with an f/1.7 aperture which has autofocus (this is still a rarity on selfie cameras), Snapchat-style augmented filters and even a Wide Selfie Mode for those times when you should look at your best, when those around you matter and the scenery is breath-taking.

And if you take the time to discover more about this handset in general, you’ll be surprised to see what it has to offer!

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