How to Unbrick / Fix Bricked LG G4

Tweaking your LG G4 is not as complicated as some might fear, but the real problem is another one. Sadly, the operations that you apply are not always safe and you can easily end up damaging or even bricking your precious Android based LG G4.

If you are also in such a delicate situation and you don’t want to take your phone to service from the very beginning, then I have a detailed guide with more than one solution that might fix your bricked LG G4. So, for further details, do not hesitate to continue reading.

I want to be clear from the start about the fact that there are two different situations in which you can deal with a bricked smartphone. If you are dealing with a hard brick, let’s just say that things aren’t as simple as you might want them to be. A hardware brick means that your LG G4 can’t be fixed with the help of the procedures found below, so you must take it back to service.

I know that this can be a problem as the warranty usually gets void while you are completing unofficial operations such as replacing the stock recovery with a custom one, overclocking the CPU, unlocking the bootloader, getting root access, updating with CM11 or with any other custom ROMs and not only.

For such a situation, I can only hope that restoring the warranty is not too late, but let’s assume that the situation is completely different and the issues that you are experiencing are nothing more than software related ones. If that’s your case too, then you are probably confronting to heating issues, boot loops, force closed errors, severe battery drain problems, screen freeze, lags, bugs and as bad as they might seem, be sure that you can get rid of any of these problems.

Don’t forget that for fixing these issues, you will have to restore your LG G4 back to its original state or to wipe the system out, which means that you will most probably lose all of your personal data. What can you do in such a case? If it possible, do not hesitate to make a full backup of everything that might be important for you such as text messages, contacts, call logs, images, videos, internet settings, IMEI / NVRAM data and not only. And I must also warn you about the fact that if your LG G4 handset is currently rooted, then the root access will be revoked, but my guess is that you are not really worried about that. You can always choose to apply the rooting procedure once again if you like your device better this way.

How to Unbrick / Fix Bricked LG G4:

Hard Reset your LG G4
Many of the problems that you are worried about can be resolved with a simple hard reset. However, this method can be applied only if you still can use the Volume Down and Power buttons or if you can enter your LG G4 in recovery mode. If your phone refuses to respond, then this is not the ideal solution for you.

Give it a try by using the dedicated tutorial on How to Hard Reset LG G4 with ease.

Wipe the System and also Clear Cache
Have you thought about the possibility to clear app data cache? By applying such a procedure, in this way, you can get rid of malware apps or help your smartphone if it is stuck in a boot loop. A boot loop often appears after applying an official or custom Android update, or after flashing a pre-rooted firmware, so apply this operation through recovery mode:

  1. Enter recovery mode on your LG G4;
  2. Then, you must choose “wipe data factory reset”;
  3. Go back to the main menu of recovery and select “wipe cache partition” followed by “wipe dalvik cache”;
  4. Up next, just choose “reboot system now”.

Downgrade your LG G4 to Stock / Official Android OS
If these procedures aren’t doing any good on your bricked LG G4, then you must downgrade your device to stock Android OS in order to remove all software issues as you will restore in built apps along with the default version of Android system on your phone. In order to complete such a guide, you can find all the steps that you must follow (read the guide on How to Update LG G4 with Official Android Firmware).

If you own LG G4, model no. H815, I have another solution for you. Don’t try on any other variant of G4 with different model number or any other Android smartphone or you could make things even worse than they already are, unlock the bootloader of your LG G4 and install the latest TWRP Recovery. That’s what you have to do:

  1. Download the custom ROM file, by accessing this link;
  2. Connect your LG G4 to the PC by using its cable;
  3. Copy the ROM file to your device;
  4. Reboot into recovery mode;
  5. Open the command window at the location where you have the TWRP recovery;
  6. Enter this command: ‚adb reboot recovery’;
  7. Flash the custom ROM, so in TWRP recovery, tap on Install;
  8. After that, browse to ROM file and tap on it to select it for installation;
  9. On next screen, do the ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash’ to install root on LG G4;
  10. You will get the Successful message and then, just tap on Reboot System;
  11. Wait for the device to boot up and that was all!

Hopefully, after applying one or more from these steps, you have managed to unbrick your LG G4. If you still have the same problems, use the comments area to tell me more and I will assist you as soon as possible or take in consideration the possibility of getting the phone into service.

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