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Do you remember that time when you first decided to keep your music library tidier? You most likely found out that the only solution was to fill in manually all songs info, but I think that we are way past that these days. You just need a tag editor that can do much more than you imagine. When you look for a tag editor for your Android phone, what are the most important things you want the app to offer?

Do you put a high price on order or maybe it should let you change Album, tag, Artists, Filename and Cover Art? These are those tags which are mostly used to sort your files into separate folders in the music player, but you get many other surprises from the Star Music Tag Editor that I want to encourage you to give a try to.

Star Music Tag Editor gives you the chance to edit multiple files at once with the option to edit each parameter individually. The app indexes all the audio files and arranges them in different tabs based on date, location, Album, Artists and other similar criteria. Song tab has all the files in your system and you just have to long press to select multiple files.

Then, you have to tap on the Pencil icon in order to edit the id3 tags. You would see Artwork, Song Title, Artist, Album, Track number, language, genre, year and so on.

Star Music Tag Editor also has the option to add lyrics to your favorite songs in the id3 tag which is great. And you can search the lyrics and copy paste it to the lyrics textbox and save after you’re done. However, keep in mind that not all music players support lyrics playback, but I am sure that you will find the perfect one that supports it to be able to see lyrics with the music playback.

Have I convinced you that the option available here for free is the one that you need? Star Music Tag Editor makes editing a breeze, so what do you say?

If you are ready, download the Star Music Tag Editor app on your device right away.

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