Listen to Lofi Hip Hop Stream via Lo-fi Radio – Work, Study, Chill

If you are stumbling upon mysterious YouTube videos that have an animation picture or gif, while chill hip-hop jazz tunes are being played in the background and a deeply meaningful quote from a movie appears at the beginning of it, you aren’t the only one. What I am talking about is a new genre of music that surprisingly has its origins in places not so contemporary. The genre I am talking about is called Lofi Hip Hop and its roots bring about itself a sense of melancholy mixed with charm and personality.

It is still unclear how popular this genre will become, but all those Lofi Hip Hop YouTube streams speak for themselves, that’s for sure. And even if it might seem so, YouTube isn’t though your only source. There are several Android apps that are dedicated to Lofi Hip Hop for your own convenience and here I have more details about one of the best.

Lofi is made to strongly connect with its listener through meaningful tunes, aesthetic visuals, relatable movie or cartoon quotes, as well as titles. Therefore, if you are interested in listening to something that brings with it a nostalgic atmosphere, still being somehow fresh, then you need to know more about this app called Lo-fi Radio.

Well, you should know from the start that Lo-fi Radio is ideal if you like to keep it simple. I am saying that since it has an incredibly simple setup. All you must do is to hit the Play button to listen to a Lofi Hip Hop stream and at the same time, the track information is also displayed. When can you use it? Just think of the app’s name – Lo-fi Radio – Work, Study, Chill – and I am sure that you need no further presentation. And since all of the music played on Lo-Fi Radio is available through the artists’ Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages, you can be sure that you only get the best!

The Lo-fi Radio – Work, Study, Chill app is free to grab right away from Google Play, but there is also a premium version waiting for you. In such a case, my advice is to first take the free version and try it out and if you’re sure that this is what you want per long term, then the paid version is perfect with access to a shutdown timer, higher quality audio and other extra features. Enjoy!

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