How To Fix Deep Sleep Issue on Galaxy S6 Edge (TWRP Recovery bug)

We have previously talked about that upsetting battery drain problem that can be found on Galaxy S6 after flashing TWRP Recovery, but do you really imagine that this is the only handset suffering of this issue? Well, think again!

It seems that its Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge brother is in the same situation, but there is no reason to be worried about as long as here we are with a simple procedure that will fix the Deep Sleep problem that is issued on your SGS6 Edge.

So, if you have previously installed TWRP recovery on your Edge and now you think that you are experiencing a battery draining issue, there are big chances to find out that you are also a victim of this bug. In order to be completely sure, there is something that you can do.

To be more precise, feel free to download the app called CPUSpy from the Play store, and then open it. After that, simply return to your homescreen and press the Power button in order to turn off the screen. Leave it this way for no more than 5 minutes and then open the CPUspy app and see the percentage under Deep Sleep. If you see any other value excepting 0%, it means that deep sleep is working on your S6 Edge with no problems.

However, there are also big chances to discover that the number is exactly of 0% and we can tell you for sure that in this case the battery drain caused on your S6 Edge is directly related to the installation of TWRP recovery. Are you ready to change that and get back things to normal? This procedure only works on a rooted device, so take care of that now!

Learn how to fix the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge battery drain problem with the help of this guide and don’t hesitate to ask us in case of having any questions. After all, keep in mind that this is why we are here for in the first place!

How to Fix Deep Sleep Issue on Galaxy S6 Edge after flashing TWRP Recovery:

  1. Find the appropriate firmware for your device by using this link;
  2. Extract the .zip file along with the .tar.md5 file of the firmware file;
  3. After getting the recovery.img you have to transfer it to a location of your choice from the Galaxy S6 Edge handset;
  4. It’s the big moment of installing this recovery.img file on your Galaxy S6 Edge;
  5. Download and install the Flashify app from Play Store;
  6. Open Flashify and provide it root access;
  7. Now, you must tap on ‘Recovery image’;
  8. Select the recovery.img to flash the stock recovery;
  9. At the end, you have to reboot the device;
  10. Open CPUspy and just as we have previously told you, it is recommended to leave the device powered on but with screen off for 5 minutes;
  11. Now, open CPYspy again and verify the deep sleep percentage!

We really hope that this procedure helped you putting the battery drain back on its track.

Let us know if you were successful or not!

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