Get the Highest Controllability of the Wake Up Process with Gentle Alarm

If you are anything like me, you also have a problem waking up in the morning. You might not be an early person and have trouble leaving the comfort of your bed in the morning, while those fancy alarm apps trying to find the right sleep phase simply end up waking you up 20 minutes too early or late, but be sure that there’s a solution for you too.

Remember that I know how it feels, so I’ve been looking for other ways to facilitate the process of waking up and I’ve discovered an app that acts different than the ones that you might be used to. Instead of using the sleep cycle theory where your movements are tracked during sleep, Gentle Alarm comes with a pre-alarm feature and gives you the highest controllability of the wake up process.

The app will play a soft tune in low volume that you would ideally hear only if you are sleeping lightly and you are always free to set as many alarms as you want, at any time of day, in both 12 and 24 hour formats. You can always create pre-alarm, alarm, and snooze profiles where you can customize the alarm sound, volume, fade-in volume, or duration of the alarm, you can configure it to play music, playlists, or even an internet radio stream as an alarm.

Those three profiles by default: “workday,” “day off” and “nap” leave no room for confusion and it is only up to you to easily auto-dismiss or auto-snooze alarms (the app can be configured to sound an alarm that slowly increases in volume or vibration intensity until you dismiss it or after successive snoozes).

The built-in flashlight could make sure that you do wake up when you have to and Has a built-in “dock” mode and a “night mode,” where the clock and alarm settings are displayed on-screen or the current time is displayed on a dimmed display, making it useful as a desk clock or bedside clock, respectively.

Gentle Alarm has all of the features you would expect from a good alarm clock app. If you think you can find your way around the app, then go ahead and download Gentle Alarm (TRIAL) right away. There is a trial version available but you will eventually have to upgrade for $1.99.

I already know it can make an incredible difference from feeling dizzy the entire day to waking up refreshed. I look forward to hearing your thoughts regarding this app.

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