OnePlus 6T: How to Get OnePlus 7 Pro Screen Recorder

When the OnePlus 7 Pro launched, you know that it brought with it some new features such as a pop-up selfie camera and 90Hz refresh rate. We haven’t seen such things in many phones before. And besides that, it also included some unusual software, most notably Screen recording and Zen Mode. The Zen Mode on the OnePlus 7 Pro lets us take breaks of 20 minutes, every time the usage reaches a threshold duration, which can be adjusted as per expectations.

Screen Recorder does exactly what its name says and a bit more than that. You should be curious to find out more about it even if you don’t intend buying the OnePlus 7 Pro handset. It looks like older OnePlus phones could be seeing these features via an update, but this means that you must be willing to wait.

If you don’t like the sound of it, then don’t wait for the Open Beta releases which will come over the next few months. Take the APK now and get the OnePlus 7 Pro Screen Recorder into your own OnePlus 6T.

What are you about to enjoy?

Screen Recording is one of those features that Android is technically capable of but only a few companies have implemented it properly. On the OnePlus 7 handsets, all it takes is a tap on the Quick Toggles icon. The app, however, does also let you set some things, like bitrate and resolution.

The APK is compatible with the OnePlus 6T handset. It only requires that the phone is on the Android 9 Pie version of Oxygen OS. Being unofficial, however, take in consideration that it might not work perfectly.

All sort of issues arose to the point that OnePlus has issued an official response. Global Community Staff Member, Crystal Z confirmed that the OnePlus team is working to bring Zen Mode and the native Screen Recorder to the next open beta build of Oxygen OS. This will clearly happen for your device and for the OnePlus 6 one, while ported versions for the OnePlus 5 and 5T are being worked on too.

So, you could wait or not. The choice is all yours.

If you want, download the APK file right now: OnePlus 7 Pro Screen Recorder

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