How to Improve LG G4 Battery Life

You know that HTC went with a 2,840mAh battery on the One M9, while Samsung decided to choose a 2,550mAh battery on its popular Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge flagships, but what about LG G4? It seems that the company opted in favor of a 3,000mAh battery.

So the LG G4 has the largest battery under the hood, a more efficient 6-core processor, a battery-friendly display, as well as a Snapdragon 808 chip — which has 2 lesser high-performance cores compared to the Snapdragon 810 one, which should mean that owners can enjoy a more decent battery life.

As you know, the talk time is based on voice usage, so it consumes the juice of your LG G4 battery, but this is not the only factor that has to be taken in consideration at this chapter. Using data such as web browsing, apps, or streaming also reduces talk time and affects battery, so there is no surprise to find out that there are many G4 owners who are actually struggling to get their device to last for no more than 12 hours on a single charge.

Is this a decent number for you? I guess you already know the answer to that. This guide is here to help your G4 smartphone perform a little better in the battery department. In such conditions, read the tips and tricks from below and apply them without any hesitation. They do not require any rooting or complicated and risky procedures and they guarantee getting the best out of your handset’s battery:

How to Improve LG G4 Battery Life:

Turn off Google location services
Whether your LG G4 is permanently tracking you location in order to deliver weather updates, or you simply use Google Now and Google Maps for directions, this definitely affects your battery life. I don’t say that you should not use these features any longer, but I strongly recommend to turn off Google location services when not needing it.

Turn off background scanning of Wi-Fi networks
If you are disappointed by the poor battery life on your device, you have to turn off background scanning of Wi-Fi networks as well. Do that from Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced Wi-Fi -> Allow Wi-Fi scanning.

Turn off Bluetooth and Vibrate mode
Try turning off all the other unnecessary features for a slight improvement in battery life. So, you should also turn off Bluetooth when not in use, as well as Vibrate mode. In order to do that, navigate to Settings, tap Sound & notification, tap Silent mode to select any of the following options: Off or Vibrate. At the end, just tap off to disable vibration feedback.

Use the Battery saving mode
Have you ever used the Battery saving mode? This is a feature that can be found under Settings > General > Battery > Battery Save, being totally customizable and ready to let you set when your LG G4 goes into this mode.
It will turn down screen brightness, kill WiFi and data when not in use, it will turn off the notification LED from flashing and not only. This option also turns off GPS, but if you rarely use navigation, this is not a problem. This mode uses WiFi and your cellular network for location services, instead of letting your LG G4 go mad and drain all your battery with GPS turned on.

Disable some Problematic Apps
Stop running apps that are not being used and yes, you also have to disable those apps that are consuming too much battery or RAM. You might find this step as being a difficult one, but turning off these apps would provide a huge improvement in battery life.

Set the display sleep time
This sets how long the display will stay on after you stop using the device. Many users just drop their phone and if this is set to two or five minutes, then be sure that screen stays on that long for no reason. Change the sleep time to no more than 30 seconds and always manually sleep the display after use, instead of just setting the device down. This means that you should tap the Power button on back to turn it off whenever you’re done using it.

Lower the display’s brightness
This is another simple trick that will definitely make a difference. You must head into Settings > Display and from there, you just have to lower the brightness to 40% or 50%, rather than keeping it on automatic.

Remove widgets that automatically update
In order to do that, from a Home screen, touch and hold the item, then drag the widget onto the ‘Remove’ trash icon (it is found at the top) and release.

Learn to use the Hidden ‘Access Lock’ Permission Manager
If you properly use the Hidden ‘Access Lock’ Permission Manager, you can also notice a significant improvement in the performance and battery life of your LG G4 handset. Reading this guide might be helpful.

Perform a hard reset
Do you know that a hard reset can lead to a huge improvement in the battery life of your Android smartphone? Do not hesitate to give it a try, so enter into Settings -> Backup & reset -> Factory data reset.
However, do not forget to backup all your important data from the handset as factory resetting the device will wipe it completely clean and take in consideration all the other preparatory steps from this guide on How to Hard Reset LG G4 with ease.

Buy a spare battery
One of the key elements that the LG G4 has over so many other high-end Android smartphone models from the current market is the inclusion of a removable battery, so I see no reason for not taking it in consideration. Have you thought of the possibility of buying a spare battery?
In such a manner, you could even double the battery life of your G4 and even better, LG has been bundling a free spare battery with the G4 in some regions of the world, so verify your local LG website before buying a spare battery for your device.

Have these tricks been helpful? I certainly hope so, but if the answer is a negative one, then I guess that you own a faulty unit and you should ask for a replacement or maybe the poor network in your area is literally draining the juice from your phone’s battery.

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