How to Grab KWGT Widgets

I always thought that a good widget can improve both the beauty and utility of a home screen. A music widget can help you control your music every minute of the day, a stylish weather widget can turn into the help that you need in a rainy day, while a calendar widget can help keep you focused day and night. But what if the widget that came with your favorite apps are far from what you have in mind? I know that you have a problem, yet here I am to help you out.

The TouchWiz home screen by default comes with no less than two widgets on it: a Google search widget at the bottom of the desktop, as well as a clock widget top center. Well, the story is pretty simple: the Google search widgets are various, and they can be found on every launcher on the market today, but that clock widget takes a little extra work.

If your wish is to enjoy Samsung Galaxy S8’s iconic and awesome home screen widgets without being stuck with the TouchWiz Home launcher, then there is no better answer for you than the S8 KWGT Kustom Widget Maker since you can get Samsung’s very best on any custom launcher.

KWGT is the one that steps in as long as it is a make-it-yourself widget engine that allows users to craft widgets that fit their tastes, their needs, and their home screen, besides the fact that it is very simple to share them with others. KWGT is often named as being nothing less than Photoshop for widgets: you build a widget layer by layer. Well, with this level of control over a widget, enterprising themers can make widgets however they want, but I know that it can be a bit overwhelming when you first use it.

Don’t be disappointed and take your time to get used to it. For example, when you add a KWGT to your home screen, the first menu you’re greeted with is Kustom’s Preset menu, where you can select a pre-made widget to play with. A simple Base Pack Preset will help you get familiar with KWGT’s controls and see just what the app can and can’t do. Kustom’s help site is also there with all the information that you need, and so am I, in case of needing extra help.

If I convinced you, then grab KWGT Kustom Widget Maker for free or the $4.49 premium version right away and let me know if you like it or not.

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