Learn to Enable Power Saving Mode on Essential PH-1

The latest Android handsets come with bigger and bigger batteries, but since they also have so many features and services running by default, they may drain the battery quicker than we tend to think. Good thing that companies included some special battery-saving features that can be used to conserve power if necessary and the Power Saving Mode is one of the most popular ones.

Unlike other Android devices, the Essential PH-1 device, does not have the ability to change its battery. Therefore, learning how to keep the Power Saving Mode on your Essential PH-1 device is a must, especially during those times when you do not have the resources to charge your handset at your convenience.

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This special mode limits the screen’s brightness, changes the screen’s resolution to a lower level, limits the device’s performance and even manages to prevent background data usage. The last is what makes a greater impact on the battery usage as mobile data won’t be used once the phone becomes idle.

Here’s how to enable Power Saving Mode on your device:

Learn to Enable Power Saving Mode on Essential PH-1:

  1. First off all, switch the Essential PH-1 device on;
  2. Click on to Select on the Menu;
  3. Enter into Settings;
  4. Select Battery;
  5. Tap the option called Power Saving Mode;
  6. Click to Select Start Power Saving, underneath it you will see other choices you have. I am talking about:
    5% of power
    15% of power
    20% of power
    50% of power
  7. Click on the option Select Immediately and your problem is now solved.

After you’ve followed these steps, you would then be able to set your Essential PH-1 Power Saving Mode instantly.

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